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Kotebel news and support for the Independent Music Awards

by cplaza on July 20th, 2013

Kotebel is now entering a new phase and I would like to share this news with you. But first, I would like to ask for your support. As many of you know, our last album “Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble” was the winner in the category of instrumental music in the 12th edition of the Independent Music Awards. This is an important milestone for us because this is not a prog music related award. We competed against bands of all genres all around the world. IMA has another prize call Vox Pop award, based on votes from the public. The deadline to vote has been extended to July 26th, so please help us getting this additional prize. Winners of the Vox Pop will get additional marketing support from the IMA. You can cast your vote here:

Now on to the news:

I will be moving to the USA and will be living in the Washington DC area for a couple of years. This opens opportunities for us in the US because I will have better access to promoters and opportunities, but poses a challenge in basic activities like rehearsals. We have found some tools that theoretically will enable us to set up virtual rehearsals; if they are as good as they claim to be, and latency levels are acceptable, we should be able to continue our planned rehearsals. At any rate, this new situation will not prevent me from writing music for our next album because this is pretty much an individual activity. In fact, I have already about 15 minutes of music ready to pass on to the band in order to refine the arrangements. There is of course one immediate consequence of this and is the fact that we will not be playing live again until 2014.

Live album:

We did a multitrack recording of our gig in Prog Resisté Convention in Belgium, last April. The setlist features a complete rendition of the Piano Concerto, as well as songs from our Ouroboros album like Amphisbaena and Simurgh. In spite of the difficulties (César was given a cheesy amp similar to the one he had when he was 12 years old) and other problems with the sound levels of some tracks, we have been able to generate some fine premixes and have decided to release our first live album. It will be a double album, featuring all the pieces that we played in the concert (1:30 hours). My moving to US will delay its release a bit, but I hope we can have the album available by Christmas this year.

We are looking forward to this new Kotebel phase. Change is always good and we will do our best to take the most out of these new circumstances. Keep well. Carlos.

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